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If you suffer from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) that can’t be controlled with medications or proton pump inhibitors, surgery may be the best way for you to find relief. At Turnquest Surgical Solutions in Houston, Texas, Dexter Turnquest, MD, and Victoria C. Chang, MD, offer the innovative surgical treatment with the LINX® Reflux Management System. This procedure reduces and even eliminates symptoms of heartburn and acid reflux effectively and safely. If you’re ready to find relief from your discomfort, call one of the two offices or schedule an appointment using the online tool.

LINX Procedure Q & A

What is the LINX Reflux Management System?

LINX is a minimally invasive treatment that involves placing a tiny bracelet of magnetic titanium beads around the lower esophageal sphincter. 

The bracelet compresses this valve to prevent stomach fluids from regurgitating back into your throat and esophagus. You achieve relief from GERD without medications or invasive stomach surgery.

The beads prevent pressure from gastric juices from pushing open the muscle and causing the uncomfortable symptoms of GERD. 

The beads are moveable, however, so they expand when you swallow so food can pass through to your stomach normally. You can still belch and vomit as needed with the LINX system.

What should I expect during the LINX procedure?

The LINX procedure requires no alteration of the stomach or esophagus. The entire surgery takes less than one hour and is performed laparoscopically, while you’re under general anesthesia. 

The surgery is minor enough that you can usually go home the day after surgery. LINX starts working the moment it’s implanted, and most people can resume a normal diet right away. 

Is the LINX procedure safe?

The LINX system was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2012. Research shows that 90% of patients who undergo the procedure experience improvements in their reflux symptoms and are able to eliminate medications within a year of treatment.

Why should I consider the LINX procedure?

The LINX procedure is an innovative and effective way to provide relief from chronic heartburn and acid reflux. Benefits include:

  • Decrease or discontinuation of anti-reflux medications
  • Less invasive procedure than other surgical treatments for GERD
  • Fast discharge, just a day after the procedure
  • Fast recovery and return to normal day-to-day functions

Are there limitations following the LINX procedure?

After the LINX procedure, you can resume a normal diet. You need to limit your exposure to MRI screenings as the metal beads in the bracelet can damage the imaging device.

If you’re tired of living with GERD and the drugs that help alleviate symptoms, give Turnquest Surgical Solutions a call to learn about the LINX Reflux Management System. Alternatively, schedule your appointment using the online tool. 

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