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Obesity is an increasing problem across the United States, requiring effective solutions that help people regain their health and vitality. If you’re obese and finding it impossible to lose weight, bariatric surgeons Dexter Turnquest, MD, and Victoria C. Chang, MD, of Turnquest Surgical Solutions in Houston, Texas, can help. Find out how advanced weight-loss surgeries like the duodenal switch could lead to a slimmer, healthier you. Call one of the two offices today or book an appointment online.

Duodenal Switch Q & A

What is a duodenal switch?

A duodenal switch, also known as a biliopancreatic diversion with duodenal switch (BPD/DS) is a type of bariatric surgery for people who are severely obese.

The first part of the duodenal switch procedure involves the team at Turnquest Surgical Solutions creating a pouch by removing a large part of your stomach. 

This part of the surgery is similar to a gastric sleeve procedure, but in addition, the team also bypasses a large section of your small intestine.

They start by dividing the duodenum, which is the section of small intestine going off from your stomach. They then bring up a section of the end of the small intestine and connect it to the pouch they made from your stomach.

As a result, when you eat the food travels into the new stomach pouch and then directly into the last section of the small intestine, skipping about 75% of your small intestine.

The section of the small intestine that your food no longer goes through contains pancreatic enzymes and bile that you need to digest proteins and fats. 

To ensure these substances do mix with your food further on, the team at Turnquest Surgical Solutions reconnects the bypassed section to the bottom of your small intestine.

How does a duodenal switch help me lose weight?

After your duodenal switch surgery, you won’t be able to eat as much as you could before, as your stomach is so much smaller. 

Eating less is key to weight loss, but the duodenal switch also helps you lose weight by reducing your body’s ability to absorb calories from the food you do eat.

Bypassing so much of the small intestine significantly lowers the digestion of energy sources in your food, so a lot of the calories you take in pass through your system rather than adding to your fat reserves.

Another way duodenal switch helps you lose weight is that it affects the way hormones work in your gut, reducing feelings of hunger and making you feel fuller after eating less. 

This effect is also beneficial for controlling blood sugar, making the duodenal switch a beneficial treatment for some patients who have Type 2 diabetes.

Why should I consider duodenal switch surgery?

Patients who have duodenal switch surgery have some of the most impressive weight-loss statistics, exceeding the results of alternative bariatric surgeries. 

Another advantage is that after a while, they’re able to eat almost normal-sized meals if they wish, which isn’t possible with other methods.

Duodenal switch is a more complicated procedure, which means the risks are slightly higher, and you do need to stay in the hospital for longer. You also need to follow your surgical team’s advice on nutrition to ensure you’re getting all the essential nutrients you need.

To discuss your suitability for a duodenal switch, call Turnquest Surgical Solutions today or book an appointment online.

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