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Remarkable Benefits of Robotic Surgery

Modern technology has revolutionized the surgical landscape. Procedures that used to open 5- or 6-inch incisions in your skin now can be done with robotic surgery that only requires tiny incisions. 

At Turnquest Surgical Solutions, we use robotic surgery in a wide range of general and bariatric surgeries. In a nutshell, it’s more precise and you heal faster. Our board-certified surgeons are leaders in using the most advanced techniques available to give you the best surgical results. 

How does robotic surgery work? 

We make a few very small 1- or 2-centimeter incisions and place tiny surgical instruments and a powerful (but small) 3D camera near the area we’re working on. 

Our surgeons are total control. They operate a computer from a console beside your bed and direct the computer to send signals to the instruments, enabling the surgical instruments to do exactly what we want them to. 

Benefits of robotic surgery

Robotic surgery has many benefits. Following are some of the benefits of this surgical advance compared to traditional surgery. 

More precise

Robotic surgery is more accurate than traditional surgery. No matter how great a surgeon’s hands are, a computer can direct robotic instruments to move with a greater degree of precision than a human can achieve with manual dexterity. 

Simply put, we have greater range of motion during robotic surgery. We can access parts of your body that are hard to reach, and we can do so much more easily and with greater accuracy than is possible with human hands. 

The surgery is also more precise because we have an improved access to the treatment area. We can view it on a large computer screen that provides a high-resolution, greatly magnified picture, providing a much clearer view than what the human eye can see. 

Faster recovery and less pain

Since your incisions are so small, robotic surgery entails very little blood loss. Fewer blood transfusions are required during robotic surgery, and you can expect a shorter hospital stay. 

You have less pain from the cuts and faster recovery with robotic surgery, thanks to the smaller incisions. 

Less risk of infection

Because only the surgical instruments have touched the surgical site inside your body, there’s less risk of infection from robotic surgery than traditional surgery. Postsurgical infections add greater stress and delay recovery. 

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